Let's build together a bigger market for startups and innovation in Europe

Europe has all the assets, capital and talent to be a very competitive market for innovators and entrepreneurs but we need bold solutions to address quickly the growing challenges of global competition. We need to make the European startup market stronger, bigger and more attractive for investors.

A “startup passport” for EU entrepreneurs is an elegant solution to encouraging more founders to benefit from the large single market. This would be a critical step to make the Single Digital Market work for fast growth companies and not just the large giants. It will help more pan-European companies reach scale faster. It would make European markets more accessible for startups, enabling easier scaling within Europe.

We’ve reached out to entrepreneurs in our network and a Single Startup Market in Europe is being regarded by many as a brilliant solution that can address the issue of fragmentation and complexity in our various innovation hubs across the continent. We envisage a future in which the UK remains part of the larger European innovation e cosystem, the benefits couldn’t be clearer for the UK tech industry for being part of Europe.

There has never been a better time to start a technology business in Europe.

But it’s time for policy makers to come up with solutions that can make this a reality and create a single competitive environment to boost entrepreneurship, competitiveness and scalability.

If you fell the same, signup for a Single Startup Market, we’d like to hear your voice

Brent Hoberman, Founders Forum